Founder & PDG of Mvutu


Driving Farmer Success

We exist to help farmers create prosperity for themselves and their products...

Mvutu is really obsessed with impact. When Divin and I met in college, we said, “Why don't we build something that solves a basic need in our country? ''. It was the beginning. But it is not a technology simply imposed on farmers and extension workers. It is designed with them, to meet their needs. And because we really understand and analyze what farmers need, we can also work with these big players much more effectively.”

I want to be a talent multiplier: this is the opportunity, the privilege that we have at the moment. We can take this business to the next level.


In a world that must double its productivity to feed itself by 2050, the value of Mvutu is clear. We allow all links in the chain to prosper. More food, more profit, more impact. When we started, we had $500 and a mission: to use technology to give farmers the tools to create sustainable wealth: quality inputs, fair credits, continuous training, market access. This is still our mission, but over the past decade our operations have evolved beyond recognition.

Where we previously focused on smallholders, we now also work with hundreds of farmer associations and partners. We help national governments expand their knowledge and hone their techniques and provide blue-chip manufacturers with fully traceable products for their increasingly discerning consumers. We are proof that with passion, perseverance and the right partners, we can really make things happen and start changing a system.


Mvutu's core team is the perfect result of talent coming together at the right time. Four friends with extensive international experience are leading this project. Everyone on our team, from finance to engineering, marketing to field operations, is driven by faith in our mission.

Divin Kouebatouka

Founder & CEO

Merveil Mavoungou

Technical director


Senior Accountant

Rey Mokouma

Marketing Manager