Mvutu is an agricultural products and services marketing platform that provides information on the availability and needs of agricultural products and promotes fast transactions with a single click. To ensure its ease of use and inclusion, the platform can be used through a web portal, phone call, or text messaging.

The structure of the relationships that can be established on the platform is based on 5 essential roles: PRODUCER, AGGREGATOR, BUYER, PROCESSING PLANTS and CARRIER. As an innovative solution for the rural context of Africa, namely the low level of literacy, the figure of AGREGATOR brings essential added value. This role is represented by young rural people who already have a certain ease in the use of technological resources and thus serve as intermediaries and influencers in rural areas.

Our Vision...

Mvutu's vision is to become the largest agricultural fair trade platform, connecting farmers to industrialists around the world.

Our Mission...

Mvutu's mission is to become THE world reference in food agricultural DIGITAL transactions through a complete PLATFORM solution.

Our Solution...

Mvutu provides a complete solution that works throughout the agribusiness supply chain.
  • A user-friendly platform that generates market opportunities for farmers and industry buyers.
  • Unlimited access to a global marketplace from anywhere, anytime.
  • Transparent and reliable market information, creation and negotiation of agreements.
  • Integrated and secure platform payment processes.
  • Verification of the quality of products and tailor-made logistics services.
  • A marketplace with only verified buyers and sellers.
  • Customer support and insight.

What we do to ourselves

We explore a full range of agricultural technology solutions that ensure maximum value at the lowest possible cost to smallholder farmers and other relevant stakeholders, ultimately leading to food security for Africans and the world.

Integration of Farmers

This is the first step in our process where we take in key farmer data (Name, location, gender, age, facial recognition etc.), group them into groups by community and assign a group leader to each to better management, training and development.

Farm mapping

After integration, we identify the coordinates and measure the size of each farmland and inspect the viability, especially characteristics such as soil textures, slope, and proximity to water.

Distribution of entries

We finance through agricultural inputs and not cash. At this stage, we calculate and disburse loans to smallholder farmers in the form of improved seeds, inputs, and organic crop protection products, based on farmer mapping and creditworthiness data.

Field monitoring

As soon as agricultural inputs are received, farmers begin planting and we assign field agents to sets of farmer groups to provide personalized advice, ensure adherence to data-driven best practices and monitor progress until at harvest.


During this period, we distribute materials required for harvest collection, receive, document and process products from farmers for storage and digital payment, when they arrive in our warehouses.

Inventory management

We monitor all buyer and inventory activity on all available produce, post-harvest.

Who are we ???

We are a fast-growing agricultural technology company passionate about food safety. We empower smallholder farmers, leveraging our technology to access finance, and improve productivity and sales to promote food security.

MVUTU is a full-fledged distributor of fresh products mainly fruits, vegetables and dry foods for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, institutions, wholesalers and export markets; with a full range of conventional, organic and high-quality produce grown by small-scale farmers from the rich soils of the southern and northern Congo highlands and coastal regions.
We support smallholder farmers in planning crops in harmony with markets, upgrading farm-side infrastructure and transitioning to sustainable practices. We leverage technology to ensure smooth order fulfillment from farm to store while organizing quality checks, distribution and customer satisfaction.
We market and market all types of fresh foods, grains, fruits and vegetables by significantly reducing post-harvest losses through cold storage and powering all activities with renewable energy. Our operations allow us to work hand-in-hand with smallholder farmers to improve agricultural practices by overcoming key challenges facing the agricultural sector, such as post-harvest losses, lack of markets, poor quality and low yield amount.

We are industrializing food processing in Africa.

We have brought over 5,000 smallholder farmers to supply food factories with over 7.5 million kilograms of quality crops in less than 18 months.

For farmers, Mvutu means

Incomes multiplied by 5 and a next generation in the classroom rather than on the farm.

Earn income. Empower farmers.
With Mvutu, our farmers have the opportunity to improve their monthly income by 5X. Mvutu achieves this by allowing them to focus their time on the most profitable aspects of production and by funding increased local processing capacity.


Eliminate hours spent manually shelling and separating. Prior to Mvutu, farmers spent more than 10 hours a week shelling and separating palm nuts. Working with Mvutu allows them to get paid immediately which saves them time which they can direct towards better economic returns.


Equipment funding for increased processing. We provide interest-free equipment financing that our farmers pay back as they provide us. Promoting increased access to mechanization improves productivity and working conditions.


Pricing transparency through digital inclusion. We share weekly prices directly with farmers via SMS to ensure our team's ethical collaboration and access to payment through a network of mobile bankers.
Our unbanked and underbanked farmers can now begin to build a digital transaction history that allows them to participate in the formal economy.

For factories, Mvutu means

A steady supply of the highest quality raw materials, allowing their hard work and investment to realize local returns and jobs.

“We started in the vegetable oil industry, where 90% of food processing plants are running at less than 50% of their installed capacity due to the scarcity of quality raw materials and the capital to buy them. We felt the difficulty of identifying reliable supply chain partners. We fix it.

We use technology to develop food factories in Africa. Industrialization has lifted more people out of poverty in the shortest time than any other phenomenon in the history of the world. It is the most direct route to sustainable and widespread shared prosperity. This is why Mvutu is focused on harnessing technology to accelerate agriculture-based industrialization in Africa.

We are the backbone of commodity logistics in Africa, from farmers to food factories. Our logistics platform uses proprietary equipment to increase the availability and quality of raw materials. Our sourcing software allows us to source directly from large-scale smallholder farmers.

The end result is an automated, reliable supply chain, ensuring quality, traceability and enabling digital sourcing. A supply chain that works for farmers, factories and communities.