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We provide the best services in the agro-tech industry

Aggregated products and involvement with farmers

We provide an opportunity for farmers by working with them through ongoing training and support up to the point of harvest where we buy what they have produced specifically fruits and vegetables and process them by cleaning, sorting , packing and marketing.

Product transformation and added value

The company has facilities in Pointe Noire, Congo. Where fruits and vegetables are processed through cleaning, sorting, packaging, sourcing, quality control and drying.

Distribution of fresh and well-preserved products

We carry out a complete distribution of well-packaged fruit. Whether you are an independent chain or retailer, white tablecloth restaurant, institutional/foodservice buyer or food processor, we offer the highest quality, unparalleled customer service and value available in Congo.

Build the bridge between farmers and the market

We aggregate demand and deliver a wide range of fresh and exotic produce directly from farms to the stores of B2B customers - retailers, wholesalers, local vendors, restaurants and cafes, hotels and exporters. We support smallholder farmers in planning crops in alignment with markets, upgrading farm-side infrastructure and transitioning to sustainable practices